The Problem: What is Creation Care and Why Do We Even Have to Care?

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When you hear the words ‘creation care’ what comes to mind? For some, we think about green initiatives to lower our carbon footprint or the politics of the matter, such as the Paris climate agreement. Words get tossed back and forth like, reduce, reuse, recycle. We all know that we have a responsibility to care for this planet but many of us do not know how to go about that. So we continue to do the things that we have done our whole lives. We turn a blind eye to the matters that are happening before us.

Growing up, the people around me talked a lot about the rapture. Jesus comes back and we all get raptured out of here and the world goes up in nuclear flames. This is the idea of escapism. If that is the way that we think when it comes to the theology of creation care, we could not care less about what happens to the planet. This leads us to become careless about the planet. This idea is fundamentally based on the idea that people are the only thing that God created that he cares about. Everything else was created to be used and abused by people. This way of thinking is so wrong. You may be reading this saying ‘I don’t think that way.’ You may not think that way but deep down we all become careless about God’s creation. Our own ideas can become very skewed so it is important to challenge ourselves to learn and think rightly about this subject.

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In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, God creates the universe and everything that is in it. With everything that God made he said that it was good. God was happy with the creation that he made. God created the world, now what? God goes on to make man in the image of himself. there is a theme starting to develop here but I will get back to the idea of being made in the image of God in a bit.

God creates Adam and it says in Genesis 2:15,

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

This is quite radical God gives Adam a job to do. That job is to look after the Garden of Eden. From the very beginning, we have been called to look after the Garden of Eden.

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Let’s fast forward to today where the industrial revolution has left us with a modern world that is highly mechanized. Remember that theme that I was talking about earlier? The theme of being made in the image of God. God is a creator. Because we are made in the image of God we tend to create things as well. you may say there is nothing wrong with the desire to create. However, because of the fall, we are now fallen people that sometimes create things that are not good for the planet or for our health. We have created a world that looks very different from the garden of Eden. We are called to take care of the world that we live in. But just how do we as followers of Christ reconcile with God’s Creation and what does that practically look like from a Christ-centered worldview?

In the next few blog posts, I will look at what creation care is, the theology behind it and what we can do to take care of our world. Let’s learn together!



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